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I am a mother (to Anna, 13 and Katherine, 11), a wife (married to Len for 31 years), a professor (at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University), an Arkansan, and a pastor (in the United Methodist Church). About 8 years ago I started having bizarre and wonderful ecstatic religious experiences. These odd experiences have reshaped the way I see ordinary life. That’s what this blog is about.



P.S. Regarding copyright issues  — I’m delighted for you to share the materials on this blog by posting a link or cutting and pasting material for personal use as long as you give appropriate credit.  Eventually, I’ll use much of this material in a book or articles, so I want to keep copyright.  To that end, I’m pasting this line from other sites –  “Unless otherwise specified, all content contained within this blog is the exclusive property of Rebekah Miles, etc.”  Thanks for your understanding.  Beka

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  1. Are you the same Beka Miles who blogged from General Conference this week? I followed you on Twitter. Love your writing!


  2. Posted by Tony Dawson on May 30, 2012 at 9:16 am

    Hi. Just got done reading your book. It is great and very helpful. I sent a copy to my stepsister, she lost her son years ago and resents like hell people trying to force her to “get past it” because THEY could not deal with it. She has fought the fight of wondering what is wrong with her or with God because she could not move through Kubler-Ross grief hoops in a manner that would satisfy other people.as “healthy grief”. I tried to tell her what we have learned about grief since that book was written (as well as telling her those stages were “descriptive, not prescriptive), yet I am just her step-brother trying to share pleasant pieties, You say what needs said and much better, and you write “as one who has authority”!

    I am glad for you. Well done and thank you.

    What do you think of recent events of our Alma mater of Late? I love Iliff, always will, but geez, the last 15 years or so has been an awful parade of bogus leadership. I would love to see our best rise up and put forward a great effort to find and secure a great leader for this incredibly vital time for the Church and Society.

    I am also frustrated in being a United Methodist now, especially after this last General Conference.

    Stay well,

    Tony Dawson


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